Gary Gerber is a professional speaker who focuses on "How to Understand and Manage Your Emotions". His engaging style and breadth of knowledge are grounded in human experience. Gary connects with his audience by:

  • Giving solid coping strategies to help deal with modern day stresses
  • Giving meaning to personal experiences so individuals are motivated to create lasting change
  • Creating new mental images and possibilities that create hope
  • Encouraging them to listen to their 'heart songs' and take courageous action

Gary Gerber is a Marriage and Family Therapist and registered social worker who specializes in enhancing your relationships. With thirty years of experience, he has conducted a successful private practice for the past twenty years.

Gary can help you to:

  • Revitalize and rejuvenate your marriage
  • Resolve family conflicts
  • Enhance your personal growth and self discovery through individual therapy
  • Work through and reduce the stresses of separation and or divorce
  • Solve interpersonal workplace challenges
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